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Electric wheelchair market

Major requirements: elderly, disabled, and reconstructing people

  • Elderly population: China is entering an aging society

    According to statistics, China will have 400 million elderly people over the age of 60 after 2033. Around 2050, the elderly population will reach 33.33% of the national population

  • People with disabilities: the country attaches more importance to social security of the disabled

    According to the statistical bulletin, the physical disability rehabilitation training service agency reached 1927; To train 35,000 members of various physical and disability health personnel at all levels; < br / > A total of 354,000 physical handicapped persons were given rehabilitation training nationwide. The number of urban employment in the country was 4456 million. 1757.20 million people in rural areas are unemployed.

  • Rehabilitation group: fujian medical care has become more and more advanced and popular

    Of sports injuries caused by accidents and disasters of the crowd, the rehabilitation treatment more advanced science, electric wheelchair as excellent rehabilitation equipment of form a complete set, more and more into all kinds of specialized hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes.

  • The future will be the golden stage of electric wheelchair development and popularization!
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